Cabling and connection: Maximum food safety

A Lapp Group subsidiary, leader in the development and production of integrated solutions in cabling and connection technology, Lapp Italia will be taking part at  SPS IPC Drives Italia 2017 (Stand 5 Pad. C012) with a proposal ranging in different application areas.


From robotics to the railway sector, to  solutions for  food & beverage, the latter are widely used in many segments of the food industry: dairy, meat and fish processing plants, bakery products as well as  bottling and packaging processes.

Lapp cabling systems, resistant to chemical, thermal and physical stress, ensure the best performance even in extreme conditions, such as in refrigerated or humid areas. In addition, in order to be used in environments where food safety is "compulsory", Lapp cables have been tested to withstand industrial cleaning and chemical agents in compliance with the most restrictive hygienic standards.

A reminder that Lapp has gained numerous certifications including the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, USA and NSF51 for products and materials intended for contact with food and drinking water.


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