Coffee capsule packaging machines: Spreafico at Host

Italian company, specialized in the designing, building and marketing of capsule packaging solutions for coffee and soluble products, Spreafico will introduce a new cartoning machine to the Milan trade fair, that will expand the current portfolio. Also on show are two machines for capsule packaging with two and six lanes.


Catering to the needs of an increasingly more international market
Even in the coffee packaging industry, more and more clients ask for turnkey solutions, that allow them to collaborate with a single company, rather than a series of different organizations. For this reason, Spreafico started a partnership with a company that specializes in the designing and building of secondary packaging and end of line machines, that allowed it to expand its portfolio with a cartoning machine aimed at the coffee and soluble product market.


This ensures that Spreafico is now able to cover even the downstream stages of the capsule packaging process, offering a “complete package” to its customers, who are becoming more diverse and international, as they include small, medium and large roasters from all corners of the world.The American continent is increasingly more important, with North America mainly focused on “Keurig” type capsules for the packaging of coffee based and other types of blends, while South America is showing great potential for expansion.

Spreafico_6lanes(det01)_web.jpgCountries such as Brazil are beginning to be much more than just producers of coffee, even though this is where the majority of plantations are: the country is becoming an interesting market also from a consumption point of view. And while in North America Spreafico can already count on a series of loyal customers, important measures are being taken to consolidate the company’s presence in the southern part of the continent, as well.

Young, but with a lot of experience
Spreafico has recently reached important milestones in the growth path of the company. In the last few months, it has obtained a ISO 9001 certification, which shows the company is adopting increasingly more cutting edge production processes.

The Italian company is very thorough during all of the production stages of every machine, starting with the designing, the production of the different parts - some of which are built internally - all through the installation at the client’s site and the after-sales service.

Spreafico_6lanes(det02)_web.jpgSpreafico can count on more than forty years of experience in the mechanical industry, but, at the same time, is characterized by an open and innovative approach to the challenges of the current market. A great part of this is due to its personnel: half of its staff, including engineers, technicians and sales representatives, is made of men and women under 30 years old.

The enthusiasm, drive and knowledge acquired are being directed towards an increasingly stronger commercial commitment, that includes taking part in the main trade fair events. At the Host fair, the Italian company will showcase three automated machines: besides the already mentioned cartoning machine, Spreafico will bring a two lanes packaging machine for “Nespresso” type capsules and a six lanes packaging machine for “Dolce gusto” type capsules. Come visit us at Host, in Milan, from the 20th to the 24th October.


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