Famar Tec: serialization, aggregation and production efficiency


Readily meeting the latest market demand in the cosmetic/pharmaceutical sector, Famar Tec guarantees ad hoc machine integration of hardware and software systems for T&T and aggregation devices.

A historic brand in the development of pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging machinery with 50 years’ experience in the sector, Famar Tec offers its customers a fundamental bonus to its service by giving the chance to choose the preferred supplier of cameras and software ensuring him the full cooperation during production, integration and testing steps.

With this goal in mind, Famar Tec machines are implemented with suitable interfaces and hardware modifications that enable integration of T&T and aggregation systems, thereby guaranteeing the utmost production efficiency in terms of cut of downtime in case of stop and reducing the amount of reworkable products.


A French case history
As part of a job for a French pharmaceutical multinational Company, Famar Tec realized a series of technical solutions on its case packers mod. HCP312 to assist the customer in reducing integration costs, and at the same time optimizing the efficiency of the aggregation functions.

The Famar Tec casepackers are designed in such a way that, in case of a machine stop, correctly aggregated products are not ejected, so that the operator can fix the problem that caused the stop while still guaranteeing the packaging’s integrity.

web_famartec_DSC3531.jpgThe casepackers’ main functions (product stacking, bundle insertion, carton closure) are carried out in three physically and logically separated areas, independent from each other. This enables limiting intervention and product management to the area in which a problem has been identified, without losing control of products in the other two zones. This efficiency-oriented method can be applied to any track & trace system.


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