From the bottle to the case: a project for pharma

MG2 bolsters its commitment to pharmaceutical packaging. On behalf of a North American multinational company, the firm coordinated the supply of a complete line that integrates a secondary packaging machine and a serialization system.

State-of-the-art technology, reliability and precision, the traditional “trademarks” of MG2 capsule-fillers and end-of-line systems, also characterize MG2 packaging solutions. As international leader in the cosmetic/pharmaceutical sector, the Italian manufacturer has handled both planning and execution of a packaging line for a morphine-based highly active pain relief product: this activity required great care during designing, integration and assembly of the machines.

This is the second line ordered in the last few months by the same customer, an American pharmaceutical multinational company and it is a clear sign of the loyalty that MG2 earned in this field, not merely as a supplier of machines and accessory units, but also as prime contractor partner for complex projects requiring, as in this case, the coordination of different manufacturers and system suppliers. MG2 also involved its partners Cariba,specialized in cartoning processes, and OPTEL, which supplies integrated in-line vision systems.

From cartoning...
Set up at MG2 facility in Bologna to run the FAT, the line, which required strong flexibility in the design of the different machines that make it up, covers all the packaging phases up to the end of line. To start, processed bottles in five different sizes (from 50 to 240 ml) are placed into cartons of different sizes, along with additional necessary components (syringes, caps or droppers). Then, the information leaflet is inserted into the carton, with or without instructions.

web_2_ACE-CT_400.png end of line and and serialization
In response to the variety of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging needs, MG2 offers machines and systems featuring cutting-edge technology, robustness and maximum flexibility.

The ACE track & trace system is a perfect example. Available in versions for bottles, cartons and bundles, it stands out thanks to both its versatility and its footprint which enables installation on pre-existing lines, even in small areas.
The above-mentioned includes an ACE CT/400 for cartons: this machine allows to print codes by laser with high quality and precision results at the same time. In this case ACE CT/400 has been set up to work at lower speeds, compared to its potential speed (up to 400 pcs/min).

Finally, with regard to the end of line, a GSL10 horizontal case packer has been utilized to shape, fill and close RSC cases. This GSL10 has been equipped with a serialization system produced by OPTEL.


USA: a strategic market
The line designed in the scope of the above project represents is a typical example of a solution specially conceived for the North American market.
Acting as host of many pharmaceutical companies - from small contractors to major multinationals companies supplying both domestic and global market - as well as important institutional bodies of the pharmaceutical sector (such as the Food and Drug Administration), North America represents an important reference market for MG2 packaging and processing machinery machines.


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