The Great Opportunity

Interest and involvement at the conference dedicated to Industry 4.0, organized by the Italian Paper & Graphics Federation. Federation President Lironi declared himself faithful: “We shall recover the lost ground.”

Full house at the Milan headquarters of the Italian Paper & Graphics Chain Federation , that represents the industrial sectors of Assografici (graphics, paper and converting), Assocarta (paper) and Acimga (machinery for the graphics, paper and converting industries).
Around 120 participants, from industry entrepreneurs to manufacturers’ representatives, met up to attend the seminar on “The national industry 4.0 plan: opportunities for companies in the sector “.
Why a seminar on Industry 4.0? Federation President Pietro Lironi explained this in his opening speech, before leaving the floor to the intervening guests:

«Italian industrial potential has dropped by nearly 20% over the past decade and the gap with other European countries in terms of investment in hi-tech has widened, while only 10% of Italy’s human capital holds a university degree: it is clear that Industry 4.0 constitutes an unmissable opportunity and a challenge to be seized for the country and for our sector».
«Industry 4.0 is an industrial policy plan that outlines and promotes a context in which businesses can grow and develop, which is why Industry 4.0 constitutes a real technological and cultural revolution» Confindustria industrial policies Director Andrea Bianchi started out by saying.

«The business plan being launched in Italy - continued Bianchi - is particularly innovative both in terms of method and content. Firstly, the plan has been strongly vetted and shared in conjunction with Italian company and business system as well as the system of research and innovation, defining a medium to long term strategy and has had, during the process of its development, a strong and centralized governance, steered by the Italian Prime Minister’s office: it constitutes a significant collective effort, something that the Italian company and business system should be proud of. In terms of contents it features a convergence of several organic and complementary instruments capable of encouraging investments in innovation and in the community at large».

The seminar proceeded to go further into the more technical aspects of the matter: Francesca Mariotti, Director of Fiscal Policies of Confindustria, presented the fiscal aspects and fields of application of the super-amortization and and the hyper-amortization, while Stefania Pigozzi and Enrico Annacondia of the UCIMU Research and Technical office, clarified operational aspects, illustrating the specific functioning of the 4.0 hyper-amortization and the roles and duties of manufacturers and users. Industry 4.0 constitutes

«A great opportunity for all companies in the sector to innovate in order to better compete, a challenge to win and recover lost ground» Lironi stated in winding up the proceedings, anticipating that the Federation will continue to preside over the issue in favor of its members.

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