Innovatory by tradition

Machines and concepts from ACMA (Coesia group), the highly specialised Italian company that, for over ninety years, has been designing, building and marketing consumer goods packaging solutions. And that closes a particularly important year.

During 2017 Acma presented a machine for confectionary and a new high speed line for soap. But it has also reinforced its commitment in all the sectors in which it is involved, including that of tea, that has led it among other things to apply a new way of naming its machines.

Understand the trends in consumption ... In order  to anticipate the market . As ever committed to proposing innovatory and quality solutions, ACMA is particularly attentive to emerging trends in the various sectors in which it operates, so as to respond - right from the first design stages - to the expectations of the end consumer.
This means a greater commitment in making innovatory packaging, featuring forms, closure systems and aesthetic qualities suited to the habits and demand of its main markets.
But following this evolution also means developing solutions that stand out for a limited energy consumption and reduced environmental impact, which has been made possible by the many decades of knowhow acquired by both ACM and the Coesia Group in fields that demand the use of innovative materials.
The cooperation with the other companies in the Coesia group also ensures the possibility of developing machines, components and products capable of interacting and integrating with each other: from the conveyors designed by Flexlink, to the HAPA print solutions, up to the high end cartons made on EMMECI machines, ideal for containing various types of packs produced by Acma itself, like the refined double chamber pouches or the “boero” style chocolates.

Synergy and knowhow to build the speediest machines on the market. ACMA founded its tradition on the soap sector (powder and soap bars) around the mid forties, distinguishing itself over the decades for innovation and leading edge solutions, thus reaching an installed base of over 500 machines the world over.
Today ACMA offers its customers in the sector a range of machines for medium or broad production volumes, with versatile types of wraps thanks to the wrapping, flow packaging and cartoning technologies, capable of handling soap bars that vary from 30 to 180 grams.
In 2017 ACMA committed itself in particular in this context, presenting two new high speed machines for packaging toilet soap bars: the SW 700-D wrapper and the SC 700-D cartoner. The two units have been devised for working in line with the solutions developed by Mazzoni (a consolidated brand in the production and formation of soap bars) going to make up the most performant complete system on the market, capable of producing and wrapping 700 soap bars a minute.
The technological partnership of the two concerns has led to a direct feed system between the Mazzoni and ACMA module, thanks to a transfer in line of the product without the use of conveyor. This feature avoids any superfluous handling of the product, preserving its integrity and hence ensuring high quality standards, also at such high speeds.
ACMA has wished to underline this advantage in the machine name, where the suffix “D” indicates the direct link between the modules of the two companies.
During an open house organized last May by the two companies, customers from different countries around the world were able to see the SW 700 D wrapper connected upstream with Mazzoni’s STUR Ultra. The machine can handle soap bars of different shapes and sizes, as well as various wrapping material (including BOPP), so as to meet the multiple needs of the market, while maintaining a perfect wrapping quality.
As well as the SW 700-D the customers were able to appreciate its cartoner twin, the SC 700-D, machine for packing soap bars in cartons, designed in turn to work in synch at 700 bpm with the Mazzoni machine. Both the solutions offer maximum flexibility, easy format change, reduction of unit cost per product, delicate handling and precision wrapping.

Medium or high speed solutions for products of every shape and size.
ACMA can boast an experience of over ninety years in packaging candies, confectionery and bakery products, and to date it is still one of the most important players on the market, with machines that combine technology with flexibility. The CW 600 F is a good example of this: an alternate movement unit for the multi-style packaging of flat based chocolates, devised to meet the specific demands of those markets that require mid speed solutions (the machine can reach 600 strokes a minute) featuring great flexibility, high wrapping quality and ease of use. Indeed as well as the possibility of achieving various shapes (bunch, double twist, boero, wallet and fancy), the CW 600 F can also independently unwind two separate wrapping materials, enabling it to  accommodate inner and outer wraps of different sizes. The compact, space-saving layout allows it to integrate within diverse production environments. Plus, a cantilevered structure and use of brushless motors facilitates operation, maintenance, and cleaning.The offer is completed by the possibility of working with all the main types of wrapping materials.
CW 800 R is one of the latest solutions dedicated to confectionery; it is an intermittent motion machine dedicated to oval and round chocolates, traditionally the most requested formats. The unit takes on the legacy of the model 880, appreciated by the market for its reliability and simplicity of use.
The CW 800 R stands out for its sturdy, extremely compact frame and for an increased wrapping quality, capable of handling two styles (double twist and rolled) with a speedy changeover. The machine portfolio for the Confectionery industry is completed by high speed models, like the CW 850 R multistyle solution, and the HS 1000 and GS 1000 stick machines, tray formers, overwrappers and vertical packaging machines.
With its activities implemented for an evermore rational and customer oriented approach, ACMA is committed to being present in the most important fair events of the sector. Its next engagement is scheduled 28 to 31 January, with the participation at the ProSweets fair in Cologne, dedicated to the world of confectionery.

Using innovation to pack a product with 5000 years of tradition.
ACMA continues to focus on the teabag packaging sector, with a truly complete portfolio that meets any type of production needs.
The TD 300, their latest machine launched on the market produces - without the use of glue or staples  - double chamber bags with string and double knot tags, reaching the speed of 300 bags per minute.
High performance (500 bpm) is offered by the TE 500, dedicated to double-chambered heatsealed bags with string and tag, while TM 320 packs high-speed single-chamber heat-sealed bags with string and tag, creating a unique range of formats in the sector. The ACMA machines that produce heat-sealed bags can operate with compostable and biodegradable materials such as PLA, to ensure a  product with a low environmental impact. Lastly, we recall that ACMA offers a wide choice of secondary packaging options: from the glued or flat diecut cardboard box to the pouch, going by way of bag-in-bags in strings and sleeves or microboxes of 10 units with overwrap.    
A machine, a name
Beyond the aspects related to the design and launch of new technologcial solutions, 2017 was also important for the adoption of the new ACMA naming criteria.
The methodology used enables the identification of the target sector, the type of machine, but also the production performance and any peculiarities, such as the wrapping style that can be achieved.
In practice, the first letter indicates the type of product to which the machine is destined (“T” for Tea, “C” for Chocolate, “S” for Soap bars, and so on). The second letter refers instead to the technology used (where “W” stands for Wrapping, “C” for Cartoning, “F” for Flow Packing ...).
The following figures indicate the maximum speed the machine can reach. In addition, some models have a suffix indicating the particularity of the machine; this is the case of chocolate wrapping machine, which can be “F” (Flat) versions if they are dedicated to flat products, or “R” (Round) for spherical and oval ones.
Lastly, some machines have been split based on the product they handle, such as the SPO flowpacker available in both the soap and bakery product packaging version, and can reach a rate of 600 products per minute.


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