Smart vacuum pumps for the food sector

Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ vacuum pumps are optimized for every type of requirement.

They are energy efficient and guarantee a continuous vacuum at very low operating costs. Screw technology enhances the performance of packaging machines, and the turbo version – specially developed for food packaging – guarantees quicker vacuum cycles in addition to eliminating the need for boosters on the machine.
GHS VSD+ pumps are thus suitable for all packaging types: vacuum, MAP and EMAP, skin, shrink and thermoform (for example tubs), film management for tubular bags, centralized systems for supplying vacuum to entire manufacturing divisions.

Guaranteed advantages
In short, the benefits of a GHS VSD+ vacuum pump are:
- better performance than lubricated vane pumps and dry screw pumps;
- greater efficiency: cutting-edge screw technology, a variable speed drive and a premium efficiency motor guarantee significant energy savings);
- no noise (approximately half that using comparable technologies);
- ventilation cooling: eliminating water wastage and associated disposal costs;
- high resistance to steam and water;
- maximum compactness: equivalent footprint of a pallet;
- plug & play: the pump is equipped with a series of carters, an integrated air filter and Elektronikon PLCs, eliminating the need for costly support frames and dedicated electrical cabinets;
- a cleaner work environment: since the GHS VSD+ pump can be installed outside the packaging area or packaging machinery without compromising performance, it is possible to remove polluting, heat-generating pumps.


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