Gpack has come into being and it is already big

Three companies in one, for a complete range respecting the single skills and competencies. Cartotecnica Goldprint has created the Gpack Group, operational since December 2017, that offers itself as an integrated supplier of converting products for the luxury and general packaging market, but also cartons for pharma, special papers, posters and displays.

Milan, October 13 2017. The operation was announced with garb, trepidation and the right emotions that underline important occasions, those pondered and brought to conclusion thanks to a good teamwork. Impressive too the choice of location that hosted the presentation event for the new Gpack brand: the “Sala Poleine” of the Museum of Science and Technology (a Milanese institution much envied abroad), with its nautical relics that evoke achievement attained by common people, often thrust only by the desire to overcome personal limits and geographical borders.
All mediated by the kind hospitality of the Bramucci family and by the complicit smiles aroused by the irony of comedian Giuseppe Giacobazzi who, playing on the eternal conflict between man and woman, drew out pictures of domestic life that many people recognized themselves in.

Objective: diversify and grow even further
In a nutshell, we could say the the world of Italian converting can still tell new stories.
Leveraging on some essential common traits - product and service quality, a differentiated and alternative product range - Goldprint has in fact started up a process of growth by external means that has brought them, in just a few years, to buy up various companies in the segment: firstly  the packaging branch of E. Siani (longstanding producer of microcorrugates for perfume packaging, to complete its service capacity in the high end sector), and between 2016 and 2017 GPP and Silton: the former with a diversified production, mainly inserted in the general packaging, pharmaceutical and display market; the latter aboveall focussed on general packaging for the food sector. And all this with a sizeable customer list on the national and international market to their credit.
«The creation of Gpack, a concern of 70 millions in turnover, is the result of programmed development, dictated by our wish to offer our clientele a complete service, with our constant professionality and with ever broader working capacities», as Pierpaolo Bramucci, involving and persuasive front man stated who, along with his sister Elena and his father Emilio, guides the converting company founded over 50 years ago. And the new Gpack brand offers itself to the market as a united team, of reassuring size. Capable of garnering the experience of the concerns involved whose brands will continue to exist at least for some time.

The numbers of the future
The commitment of the Bramucci family to diversify activities has been a success. Suffice to think of the numerical results and growing prestige in the niche of luxury packaging obtained by the converter GoldPrint in 2016 alone: 57.1 million boxes produced with over 40 million inner parts and 6.3 million rigid boxes.
The complete integration of the corrugate diecut producer Silton has further expanded the Group’s offer in general packaging (in the 18,000 square meters of the Bottanuco plant in 2017, 15.8 million flat and laminated board boxes and 10.5 million flat diecut sheets were produced).
Speaking of general packaging, having gained GPP as the first true step in industrial diversification, volumes of another nature were managed: 221 million cases in both flat and laminated board, 87 million flat diecut sheets, 2.6 million freestanding and counter displays, 317 thousand billboards.
Today, in short, Gpack means five sites in Italy, one in Poland recently acquired (6 thousand sqm with two rigid box production and assembly lines) together with state-of-the-art equipment, which for the future guarantees considerable volumes and an increasingly efficient service.
But, as Pierpaolo Bramucci has pointed out, industrial investments and technology remain grounded in relations with the local area and attention to human resources: of the 401 Gpack Group employees, 386 in fact operate in Italy, all of them called to participate in the process of integration and rationalization of activities.
This is now the real challenge to be faced. Ad Maiora!
Gpack: the equipment...
The wide range of printing and converting systems of the Gpack Group in the various manufacturing plants demonstrate their ability and propensity to invest in technology.
48 printing groups in various establishments for various formats
12 autoplatin cutter machines from small size to 160
6 hot stamping machines
8 coating machines to produce rigid boxes (4 in Italy and 4 in Poland, but there will be more news in 2018)
15 folder-gluer machines
3 corrugators (2 sheet/roll, 1 roll/roll)
3 flexo printing press for large formats (for both third-party work and special machining, which will allow for a further widening of the range)

... and the main sectors
Luxury Packaging Division Two plants in Italy and one abroad, constant research and advanced technologies guarantee every process in order to give prestige to the most valuable cartons.
General Packaging Features, originality, robustness, nutrition, and special effects at low cost thanks to large formats.
Pharmaceuticals A division for which a dedicated area has been created, designed and managed according to hygiene and safety laws.
Specialty Papers The world of special papers embraces an infinite number of variables, all dedicated to different markets and kinds of consumption.
Display & P.O.P. Impulse purchase is the goal to be achieved with exhibitors and promotional islands able to enhance the product, for a winning and convincing show.
Out of Home Advertising Digital or offset printing in large and small formats produced in small or large quantities: solutions for visual communication in the city and along the road network.


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