Scanner with excellent 1D decoding capacity

Datalogic has released PowerScanTM 9100, the most recent addition to the PowerScan family of industrial scanners.

PowerScan 9100: highlights
Suitable for use at production facilities, POPs, workshops, distribution and logistics, this line developed by Datalogic guarantees the following additional features and functionalities:
- mobile device LCD screen scanning
- low contrast barcode decoding, including damaged or low quality codes;
- scanning up to 2.5 mils
- IP65 protection grade against dust and water;
- can survive a 2 m drop;
- Datalogic 3GLTM technology for optimal scan feedback;
- Datalogic AladdinTM configuration program;
- lithium ion battery change in 3 seconds;
- can function within a wide range of temperatures.
The Datalogic STAR Cordless System model enables point-to-point and multi-point transmission, as well as uninterrupted roaming. The Bluetooth wireless version offers Piconet with up to 7 scanners connected to a single base.

The Datalogic line features innovative green scanning line technology, which ensures the same high definition as a linear laser with advantages in safety and the performance of a linear imager. The result is outstanding 1D decoding capacity.
As Diego Nieto Vine, Transportation & Logistics Industry Unit General Manager Datalogic, explains: «The new PowerScan 9100 series is yet another example of Datalogic’s commitment and attention to engineering design and continuous improvement of its users’ workflows. The technology used in this solution guarantees a clear green scanning line, similar to that of a laser, but safer for the human eye and with unparalleled scanning performance thanks to a miniaturized scan engine».

PowerScan 9100 features the ruggedness and ergonomics of all PowerScan products, which are designed to guarantee a long life cycle even in harsh environments. A complete range of these scanners is available so that customers can be sure to find the best solution to their specific needs: corded, cordless using Datalogic’s own STAR Cordless SystemTM radio technology or Bluetooth®. Various interface options are also available: each model is compatible with keyboard commands, RS232 connections and USB. Both wireless models are available with either standard or industrial Ethernet.



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