New Bio-Flex grades for home compostable films and packaging

FKuR, one of the leading producers of bioplastic compounds for flexible packaging solutions and technical applications, has developed new Bio-Flex blends for the production of low gauge films (as low as 8 microns) which will biodegrade completely in garden compost at low, variable temperatures.

Vinçotte, based in Belgium, has already issued OK Compost HOME certificates for these grades. In addition, most of the new compounds meet the requirements of Article 75 of the French Energy Transition Law, which requires that, as of 2017, bags used for fresh fruit and vegetables (as well as cheeses, deli products and fish), in addition to being home compostable, must also be at least 30% biobased (60% by 2025).
All grades of home compost Bio-Fex bags feature excellent resistance to humidity, which is very important because such reduced thickness has concrete applications in organic waste collection.
The product range currently comprises of translucent and opaque grades. Bio-Flex FX 1803 (30% biobased) as well as F 1804 and F 1814 (both 40% biobased) grades are translucent, additionally Bio-Flex F 1814 offers increased tear resistance. They are suitable for packaging goods with printed IR codes as well as for visually attractive packaging for all types of printed materials.
Bio-Flex FX 1821 (10% biobased), FX 1823 (30% biobased) and FX 1824 (40% biobased) grades are all opaque. These opaque grades show very good tear resistance and toughness.

Home compostable, low gauge and still tear resistant, as well as up to 40% biobased.
The bag on the left side is made from the translucent Bio-Flex FX 1803, and the bag on the right side is made from the more tear resistant Bio-Flex FX 1824.  
photo © FKuR


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