Continuous longitudinal ultrasonic seals

Compact, easy to integrate and washable according to IP 65: Herrmann Ultraschall has completely reworked its module LSM Fin for continual longitudinal seals and chained bags on VFFS and HFFS.

Ultrasonic module LSM Fin: perfect for powdery, oily and sensitive fill goods

The longitudinal seal module LSM Fin delivers high sealing speeds thanks to its long exposure area and does not require synchronization with the film feed as it would be the case with rotating solutions. When sealing at the fin, speeds of up to 120 m/min can be realized. The anvil can be easily removed using a quick release unit. Different contours are available and parallel seals are also possible. The sealing blade is easy to replace, while the parameter settings are retained.

The cold ultrasonic tools connect and bond the polymer sealing layers using vibrations directly in the seam area. No cold seal mass is required for this process – this cost-intensive consumer product can be eliminated.


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