Versatile labels with just a few gestures

Imballaggi P.K. proposes a vast range of labeling solutions for small series, suited for applications in a host of sectors, from preserves to converting, from wine to chemicals. Among the key solutions in the company’s portfolio we cite the APN applicators and the EME series of gluers for paper labels.

EME 180N in particular is the most economical, versatile and popular model. The operator only has to insert the label under the spindle before the gluing cylinder. The latter, rotating continuously, draws the label, that at the same time is glued with extreme precision, offering it to the operator, ready to be applied.
A special device enables the micrometric regulation of the glue, thus enabling a perfect gluing, as well as a totally clean label. All the parts in contact with the gluestuff can be easily disassembled, without the use of  tools, allowing for simple, rapid cleaning up operations at the end of the job. Ideal for extremely short series labeling, with the specific vinyl glue, it can also be use for applying  state stamps to bottles.
The stainless steel version, now available, is suited for use in the most hostile, humid or dusty environments. A reminder that the EME series also includes semiautomatic models as we as the  BTL210 labeler-gluer designed, specifically, for bottles, and in general cylindrical bodies.

The APN applicators for pressure sensitive labels, suited to small rolls, are available in three version: from 30,60 and 100 mm width. They have a 65 mm pitch; a mechanism regulates the label pitch via  a tracer device, capable of sensing the subsequent label.
They are versatile and very easy to use: with a simple press of the lever, the operator applies the label directly to the product.


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