Drum motors that are modular, efficient and quiet

Interroll has launched a new generation of drum motors.

The innovative platform for motors, used mainly for conveyor belts at distribution centers, in manufacturing, in packaging and in the food industry, features a completely modular structure and includes synchronous and asynchronous models.
Interroll’s new modular platform will initially be used for all motor types with 80 mm diameter, then for the entire range of products.

Compared to previous versions, the new drum motors offer a number of constructive advantages.
More robust axes and ball bearings guarantee a particularly long life cycle, while a stable epicycloidal reduction gear enables efficiently transmitting high levels of torque to the conveyor belt with very little noise.

A higher number of transmissions also makes it possible to select from a wider range of speeds.
All the drum motors in this new generation feature IP69K protection grade, the highest hygiene standard in that classification system, ensuring quick and simple cleaning, especially in comparison to that of gear motors.

SPS, Pad.6 - Stand 006


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