Grand Hotel Dino, Baveno (VB -Italy) Food Contact Compliance

20-22 September 2017

The fourth edition of the international conference organized by Istituto Italiano Imballaggio confirms its crucial role outlining international Food Contact Compliance standards.

• The first day will address materials currently not regulated by the European Union, namely adhesives, varnishes, paper and board. Particular focus will be dedicated to the upcoming European Council Resolution governing paper and board. This will be followed by information on biodegradable plastics in contact with food. The entire afternoon session will then be devoted to NIASs and mineral oils, including a summary of the discussion at the Monaco conference (29-30 March 2017).

•The second day will look at the current progress of EU regulation, before looking more in detail at criticalities posed by errors in migration testing. Another focus topic to be covered on this day will be the difference between EU and US standards for assessing plastic exposure.
This day will also feature an analysis of the activities of the JRC and Italy’s own network of research labs, followed by a look at the properties of Tenax imitation paper.
During the afternoon, speakers will analyze legislation in the USA, China, Mercosur, India, Russia, and finally, Japan.

• On the third day, light will be shed on the EFSA’s approach for the future in relation to food contact materials as well as inks (currently lacking a common European regulatory framework). Particular focus will be dedicated to a presentation on bisphenol A and its regulatory status in the EU and in the USA.
To conclude the session, there will be a round table discussion on developments in European legislation governing plastics,  at in which a number of major European experts in the sector will compare hopes and concerns

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