A truly special sleeve

Founded in Milan in 1960, Maer Italia Srl is a specialist in the production of self-adhesive labels in reels and sleeves. The attention to quality, the passion and the ability of this firm to keep up with the technological developments of this sector have enabled it to grow steadily, becoming a point of reference for the market.

On the strength of a store of knowhow built up over the years thanks to a committed research & development department, in combination with a capacity for making the most of marketing ideas, Maer offers innovative solutions that are sure to have an impact.

The latest Maer offer includes an exclusive sleeve with relief screenprinting and holograms that harmoniously balances style, innovation and technology to offer a unique visual and tactile experience that produces a “feeling” between product and consumer.

This unprecedented image appeal is thus added to the traditional advantages of sleeves - a remarkable amount of space for graphics and communication, total compatibility with any surface and shape and complete recyclability when using eco-friendly plastic materials.


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