Industrial laser marker

Among the Hitachi industrial coding and marking systems, exclusively distributed by Marking Products, we cite the LM laser marker Series.

The latter, fitted out with a state-of-the-art technology based on CO2 vectorial lasers, has a very compact design that easily integrates with all types of production lines. Thanks to the innovative design of the structure that offers double protection and the cascade cover, a particular distribution of the flow of cooling air has been attained, as well as an added protection of the laser tube.
A more efficient flow of air enables running temperatures that are lower than standard, and a high reliability.
On top of that, the laser tube and the optics are IP65 classifiable and can operate in difficult environments.
The aim of a greater efficiency  has been also pursued in the creation of the optical unit, lightened without affecting its sturdiness and accuracy. The result is performance up to 600 cycles a second with a consumption of lower than 300 VA.
LM Series s available two versions, with power respectively at 10 Watts or 30 Watts, each of which can be  combined with the three different wavelengths (9.3 µ, 10.2 µ o 10.6 µ). The combination of the operating powers with the different wavelengths, matched to the different options of the optical units, offers a broad versatility in end configuration, enabling the marking to be adjusted to different materials: paper, board, plastic, glass.
The optional optics with air flow emission is a simple and effective expedient that keeps the lenses clean.
The “beam expander” technology generates a very small point, capable of transferring a high level of energy onto the material, obtaining a high resolution.

The LM Series ensures a high print quality with different production speeds, working on vectorial elements, as well as dot matrix characters  combined with a simple editing tool.
The powerful Windows software enables networking, control of state and the composition of text with True Type font, barcodes, 2D codes as well as graphic logos; the Flexible Input/Output connection, that has 12 programmable inputs and 4 outputs, helps the integration. More details on


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