Steel: a valuable report with a cooking show

Consorzio Ricrea turns 20

To celebrate 20 years in serving the sector, Ricrea (the Italian steel packaging recovery and recycling consortium) presented its Green Economy Report on 11 October in Milan. This year’s report on sustainable growth is entitled “From steel to steel: a perfect story of circular economy”.
The packed event took place in the elegant setting of Palazzo Parigi and was divided into two parts. The first part, more official, included a talk show hosted by the head of Rai News Antonio Di Bella and Radio 2 Rai presenter Filippo Solibello, who commented on the data that emerged from the report with a VIP audience that included Edo Ronchi (president of the Foundation for sustainable development and author of the law that established Conai and the industry consortia), Domenico Rinaldini (Ricrea president), Giorgio Quagliuolo (Conai president), Federico Fusari (director of Ricrea); Andrea Barbabella (head of research at Foundation for sustainable development), Vincenzo Guadagnuolo (CEO Acciaierie di Sicilia), Paolo Pozzato (president of Assofermet) and Alberto Ferro (president of Eco-Recicli Veritas). The show concluded with a cooking segment run by Moreno Cedroni, considered one of Italy’s most creative chefs, who demonstrated how gourmet delicacies can be made starting from packaged foods. 

Sustainability: key to success
With the Ricrea Green Economy Report 1997-2017, the consortium wished to recount the changes that have visited the Italian steel packaging recovery industry over the past 20 years, along with Ricrea’s role in this evolution, results achieved and the prospects of this sector in light of new European targets. «In twenty years of activity we have made a lot of headway, and with Ricrea in Italy the rate of recycling of steel packaging has increased» explained consortium president Domenico Rinaldini. «Already in 2002 we passed the threhold target of 50% set by the European directive for 2008, and in 2009 we surpassed 70%, before reaching 77.5% last year. Our excellence is exceptional in Europe, and we are looking to the future with new goals, fully accepting the challenge of circular economy».
The first Ricrea report uses the same accounting methodology as the Green Economy Report® developed by the Foundation for sustainable development in response to the demands of core-green and go-green organizations, which make an elevated level of ecological quality in their products and processes a key to their success.

The report is divided into two parts. The first provides a theoretical framework on circular economy and its application in the steel industry, illustrating Italy’s role in the international scenario. The prospects of Italian steel packaging are also outlined in light of the new European circular economy package, the application of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and possible technological and organizational developments.
The second part opens with an introduction to the history the consortium and its operational model, before presenting the balance of its first twenty years in operation: collection and recycling performance targets reached and assessments of the environmental, economic and social benefits to the national economic system of actions implemented by the consortium.
The document is supplemented by a series of in-depth investigations into various issues in the supply chain considered particularly relevant and a number of interviews with personalities representing the world of steel and circular economy in Italy.



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