SX LongLife applicator heads: a new standard in life cycle

Precise, reliable and long-lasting: Robatech presents the new SX LongLife, a hot melt jetting head for long-lasting precision adhesive application.

Robatech adds to its range of hot melt glue applicator heads SX LongLife, a new advanced model of the Diamond series, compatible with most of the firm’s systems.
This insulated application head is perfect for precision dot and bead application at medium to high speeds.

As the name suggests, SX LongLife stands out for a particularly long service life and high reliability over time: Thanks to a specially developed jetting element and robust solenoid valve guarantee up to 200 million operation cycles.
Designed for the contact-free application of low- to medium-viscosity thermoplastic hot melt adhesives, the head is equipped with an integrated filter in the heating block prevents nozzle blockages, ensuring reliable adhesive application over the long term.

Modular, compatible and safe
The small dimensions of the SX LongLife makes it ideal for upgrades and installation in systems with restricted space.
The SX LongLife application head is modular, available in different variants, and can be flexibly adapted to the respective application. This operating philosophy and compatibility between models reduces the spares inventory, since various components such as the filter, nozzles, and heated hoses are the same.
Furthermore, The CoolTouch insulation of the application head means that both the operator and the products to be glued are better protected. CoolTouch increases safety in case of accidental contact.This heat-resistant insulation also saves energy and contributes to resource-friendly, sustainable production.

A flexible response
With SX LongLife, Robatech confirms its commitment to satisfying customer demands for improved life cycles and versatility. «Be it for the packaging or graphic industries - explains Fabian Renggli, product manager for the applicator heads - concerns are seeking flexible solutions that can be easily integrated with existing systems while guaranteeing reliable production processes and a high quality standard, with no downtimes for parts change or repairs. Presented for the first time at Interpack 2017, and already marketed worldwide, SX LongLife is a problem-free technology that enables saving on time and costs».


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