Flexible packing and unpacking solutions

SEW-EURODRIVE’s proposals for the beverage industry include a packing and unpacking solution which enables the transportation of products via dynamic handling without stressing the machines.

The handling plant takes the bottles from the special table and puts them into high-speed transport boxes or onto platforms.
The handling is entrusted to integrated software modules that provide flexible positioning. The software module parameterization functions enable the easy definition of the profile required for optimum movements.The integrated MOVI-PLC® control in the master module enables the speedy exchange of data between the motion axes, monitoring the upstream and downstream processes.

The scalable multi-axis servo amplifier gives accurate control of the dynamic servomotors. The servo gears used enable a dynamic construction with low footprint to be achieved.
Individual solutions can also be developed thanks to the support of the MultiMotion control platform, through motion-control functions available through graphic parametrization without wasting valuable time in programming.


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