Heat transfer desktop printers Modern interfaces, more memory and longer prints: the advantages of the new TSC models.

TSC Auto adds to its TE200 line of desktop printers two new heat transfer models, TE210 and TE310, suitable for a wide variety of sectors, including retail, logistics, offices and manufacturing.
Both new models stand out with state-of-the-art interfaces: USB 2.0, built-in Ethernet, RS-232, USB host for scanners and PC keyboard, as well as bluetooth 4.0 and external bluetooth, along with other optional features.

Compared to existing standard models in the line, the memory has been significantly expanded to 128 MB Flash and 64 MB SDRAM for storing logos, graphics, barcodes and fonts.
The TE210 and TE310’s maximum print length is up to 10 times greater, reaching 11,430 mm and 25,400 mm, respectively.
The print resolution of the TE210 is 203 dpi with an industrial optimum of 6 ips, while that of TE310 is 300 dpi with 5 ips.

As an additional advantage, the system’s compatibility with both 1/2’’ belts with 72 to 110 meter nucleus and 1’’ ones with 300 m nucleus enables the customer to use existing equipment.
As for supports, the system’s high internal capacity makes it possible to process OD labels at the industrial standard 5’’ on 1-1.5’ nuclei, while an external roll magazine offers an even higher capacity with easy loading.
Furthermore, TE200 is equipped with a variety of modern gap and black mark sensors for accurate label register with extreme reliability.
The print mechanism can be used separately for integration with specific designs: kiosk applications, small label applicators, two-color print-on-demand and front & back printing.
TE210 and TE310 guarantee high performance in all types of applications, and can print daily, continuously, thousands of precise and high quality identifying labels and barcodes using Thermal Smart Control technology.


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