Personalized dividers and separators

For over 27 years, Veronapack has produced very high quality corrugated cardboard dividers and solid board separators that guarantee maximum protection of transported goods.

Its market presence amounts to 10 million cardboard dividers and 20 million cardboard sheets produced in a year.
Founded in 1989, Veronapack has always followed a policy of targeted investments to raise its level of technical expertise and acquiring specific machinery in order to, on one hand, make more and more efficient, effective and customized products, and on the other, to prioritize delivery times.
The concern started out with a complete divider assembly line and a Platina for die-cut jobs. Then in 2005 it set itself the goal of expanding its product range: after building a 2500 sq.m. warehouse, it reached its goal by adding a third divider assembly line (“Jumbo” by Roda), which can produce all types of corrugated cardboard dividers in small, medium or large formats.

In 2012, the concern acquired a fourth divider production line (Roda’s Moser) and introduced solid board among the materials it can process. This last innovation enables Veronapack to provide a more complete service to the wine market and the glass sector generally.


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