Guaranteeing impeccable hygienic conditions

Corrosion protection is essential in manufacturing processes where cleaning and hygiene are of great importance. WITTENSTEIN’s Corrosion Resistant and Hygienic Design® (the latest EHEDG certified) components ensure maximum levels of hygiene and sterile automation in the food or pharmaceutical sector.

Gearheads, micromotors and state-of-the-art actuators, those developed and manufactured by WITTENSTEIN on the basis of parameters of absolute reliability: total rust and oxidation protection, quick and safe cleaning and disinfection, direct integration into the process, barriers against strong jets of water even at high temperature, lubrication with food compatible grease ... just to name a few benefits offered to their users.

Hygienic Design® gearheads. They provide maximum corrosion resistance even when in contact with disinfectant fluids containing hypochlorites or alkaline foams that may have heavy oxidative effects on components. Fully stainless steel, they are EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) certified. The surfaces undergo electrochemical polishing and the shape free of edges and grooves prevents bacteria or polluting microorganisms from depositing, making cleaning and disinfestation faster and safer.
In addition to the output shaft version, a flange variant is also available, which can be used for high-dynamic, compact applications (Delta type robots) and in a version with integrated engine, for a very small footprint.

The Corrosion Resistant gearhead. Complete rust and oxidation protection even on coaxial and angular gearheads with shaft, flange or hollow shaft of the Corrosion Resistant series, lubricated with food compatible grease, as prescribed by the NSF standard. Input and output interfaces, as well as matching accessories - including joints, clamps and screw caps - are made of stainless steel; the motor flange and the body are coated with a bi-component varnish, with the exception of the centering that is nickelized to maintain the prescribed tolerances (g6).

The brushless cyber® dynamic line of micromotors. They feature up to 345 Watt performance and can be combined with simco® drives. Available in stainless steel Hygienic Design version, they are EHEDG certified for total IP69K protection against strong water jets even at high temperatures, high pressure steam devices or temporary immersions. The range can be requested in stainless steel with IP66/IP67 grade protection.

The materials used and the particular construction make it easy to integrate directly into the process as well as enabling thorough cleaning. Thanks to its low rotor inertia, it is able to adapt to strong accelerations, short distances and frequent speed changes. Despite its ultra-compact size, it achieves remarkable dynamics and record-breaking torque densities, which ensure a significant increase in production.



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