Linear actuators with integrated screw: dynamic and compact

Completing the portfolio of the rotary servomotors and servoactuators of the cyber® dynamic line series, the new WITTENSTEIN cyber motor linear actuators have a design optimised for high dynamic industrial applications, with low bulk.

The version in IP65 stainless steel also allows their usage in the food & beverage sector (for example, in high precision bottling plants).

The cyber motor actuators stand out for the fact that, the screw is totally integrated in the stainless steel housing. The latter is fitted with an anti-rotation mechanism, that requires no maintenance.
With lifelong lubrication, they represent a service-free solution, ideal for packaging machines and automated assembly lines for inserting, folding, pick-up or dosing in forming and handling systems or in the semiconductor sector.

The cyber® dynamic line with integrated screw come in four sizes, each with two possibilities of screw pitch and two different stroke lengths.
Combined with simco® drives they enable the configuration of compact servoaxes, with various fieldbus interfaces, guaranteeing max. productivity and power density.


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