Achema 2018

11-15 June 2018, Frankfurt (D)

Flexible production, biotech for chemistry, logistics for the chemical and pharma  industries: These are the main topics of the 32rd edition of Achema which, in terms of numbers and contents, reconfirms the world-famous fair for the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology processing industry.
In 2015, the international kermess organized by Dechema hosted more than 3,800 exhibitors, including 290 Italians, receiving some 170 thousand  visitors from 56 countries. At the time of writing more than 2,400 companies have already renewed their participation at the event.

The exhibition offer ranges across all industrial processes and applications: Measurement, control and automation techniques; laboratory and analysis techniques; engineering; materials testing and technologies; mechanical processes; thermal processes; pumps, compressors and taps; pharmaceutical, packaging and storage techniques.
And on top of that, research and innovation, work safety and protection, as well as interdisciplinary topics on environmental protection, biotechnology, with literature, information as well as teaching materials and means.


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