Labeling tubs for food products

On the strength of consolidated experience in the labeling and coding sector, Altech offers industrial labelers for every sector that guarantee fast and efficient application at very competitive cost.

In order to meet the specific requirements of packaging for the food industry, the concern offers the Albelt range of labelers, which has been specially developed for tubs for food products.
The line consists in a compact linear system that hosts one or more ALstep or Alritma applicators, depending on the type of application required.

The classic configurations are systems for labeling on the top, top & bottom, side and U (typically seals around the edge of tubs and trays commonly used for preserving fresh products).
Equipped with expandable and adjustable components, the Albelt range guarantees extreme layout flexibility and satisfies any labeling needs.

ALstep/ALritma applicators can also be equipped with printing units for variable data such as expiry date, barcodes and other information required on food products.


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