Paper and cardboard: collection and a seminar

According to figures released by Comieco, despite the effects of the economic crisis on consumption and overall production of waste, Italian collection of paper and cardboard stands at just under 3 million tonnes, with a per capita rate of 48.4 kg. Southern Italy (+4.8%) increased more than Central Italy (+4.6%), Northern Italy being affected by the decline in consumption (-1.7%). This has entailed the transfer of 88 million euros to Italian municipalities under the agreement.

Comieco is also organizer of the encounter at the Polytechnic of Milan scheduled September 16th, “Sustainable packaging: materials and innovative technologies for the design paper and cardboard”. The program includes insights into the ecolabeling of converted paper products and the opportunities of certification, sustainable packaging and barrier effects, potential applications of nanocellulose in flexible food packaging, overview of smart packaging, barrier to fat-based natural ingredients for cellulose food packaging as well as sustainable design.


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