Edizioni Dativo (EN)

Edizioni Dativo Srl (Milan) is an independent publishing house.

Created by journalist Stefano Lavorini who - with his knowledge on the industrial and productive aspects of the packaging sector, its leading lights and its dynamics - turned to publishing in order to launch a precise communications project.

Through the publication of ItaliaImballaggio, Impackt,  as well as  PackBook and PackMedia webmagazine, Edizioni Dativo’s aim is to give voice to the Italian packaging & wrapping industry in a competent and professional manner, steering clear of more conformist approaches which, all too often, confuse information with advertising.

This publishing project has been appreciated by readers and the marketplace for, among other things, its comprehensive, accurate and thorough content - which first and foremost entails consideration of the meaning that lies behind the surface.

Edizioni Dativo Srl
Via Benigno Crespi 30/2
20159 Milano MI
Tel: +39 02 69007733
Fax: +39 02 69007664

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