Capsules: an intelligent mix of technology & design

Long committed to finding new materials and developing innovative solutions, enoplastic anticipates market demand and reaffirms its status as a high profile producer of safety seals for bottling, with the utmost in sustainability and style.

Riding high on a wave of growth driven by competencies accrued, investments in R&D and a close eye on target market dynamics, enoplastic presented many novelties at the most recent edition of SIMEI, which in September was held in Munich, simultaneously with drinktec, for the first time.
Alternative materials, evolving technologies and state-of-the-art printing for capsules and closures that make the difference: the solutions on show were a testament to the dynamism of this company and the values that have marked its growth over the course of fifty years in business. 

An environmentally responsible capsule
Starting with the new materials used to produce capsules, there was B.E.E.S. – Best Enoplastic Environmental Solution. This environmentally friendly heatshrink closure is chlorine-free and represents an excellent alternative to PVC and PET (both of which are also part of the enoplastic offer, along with polylaminates).
Resulting from substantial investments in R&D, B.E.E.S. can be used to produce heatshrink capsules for wine, spirits, olive oil, vinegar and more. Not only is it more ecological, but it also guarantees higher performance than analogous products.
The heatshrinking has been optimized for improved adherence of capsule to bottle when compared to more traditional PET solutions. B.E.E.S. guarantees, for example, a more precise opening: no breakage or imprecision when pulling on the tear strap, which is the true weak point of the PET capsule.
The remarkably precise and prompt tearing action eliminates the feeling of gumminess when one tries and fails to tear open a capsule.
Compared to PET, the weight has been reduced by 30%, another step by enoplastic to reduce the carbon footprint of packaging and a concrete response to EC Directive 94/62 on packaging and packaging waste.
The technical and physical properties and aesthetic/functional qualities of B.E.E.S. make it a next generation product that interprets the values of a brand in an optimized fashion to meet personalization and flexibility demands. An ample selection of decorations, standard or sample colors, the option to print hot or gravure (with numerous capsule head options) leaves a wide birth for creativity, even for a capsule made using eco-friendly materials and processes.

A book of ideas and solutions
One of enoplastic’s strengths is a growing propensity for taking the initiative to propose new ideas to graphic studios and marketing offices for the graphic design of capsules for major sector brands.
The need to stand apart on the market goes hand-in-hand with a capacity for finding original communication solutions. The exceptional support offered by enoplastic in this field facilitates the designer’s job with a vast array of solutions in effects, finishes and textures that respond to even the most complex requirements.
Pearlescence, glitter, fluorescence, personalized embossing... these are just a few of the enoplastic intuitions collected in MAD LAB, a marketing tool for sharing technological advances in closures for wine, spirits, olive oil and vinegar that takes the form of a creative, continuously updated book.
That’s not to forget, finally, the last frontier of digital printing, which enoplastic is exploring in order to create extremely high def capsules. The extraordinary potential of this technology opens up an unlimited selection of reproducible subjects, designs richly adorned with details and color, photographs or even works of art, with the additional advantage of short runs.

ENOPLASTIC Innovation, research & development, investments, involvement with the community and corporate social responsibility: these are the distinctive features of this company based in Bodio Lomnago (VA) and specialized in producing capsules and closures for wine, spirits, olive oil and vinegar.
Today the group boasts a network of 400 partners across Italy (where it is headquartered), the United States, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.



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