Luxe Pack

30 editions of luxury and success 470 selected exhibitors, of which over 60 new; 9,200 qualified visitors (+ 9% over 2016) with a record attendance at conferences as well.

 These are the numbers that confirm the keen interest of the cosmetics, perfumes, spirits and fashion brands in general in the proposals fielded by Luxe Pack, organized by Idice in Monte Carlo from 2 to 4 October last year.
An intense 3 days, which highlighted the uniqueness of the event dedicated to creative high-end packaging, featuring lively commercial exchanges and the exhibition of innovative materials and packaging solutions.

The leitmotif of the 2018 event, “Connected packaging”, was best interpreted by suppliers and producers in a space of their choice, the C2L Digital Village, supported by well-attended round tables.
Many the  suggestions for tomorrow’s packaging: sensory experiences associated with design trends, new prospects  in packaging champagne and liqueurs, but also testimonies from the companies of the Living Heritage Hub, craftsmen working in non-packaging related areas.
The  innovation of the HeinzGlas brand named “Times Square” was also previewed: featuring a digital technology that includes a flat screen in a glass bottle showing brand advertising or a consumer profile.

To end on a lighter note, we cite the award winners of the Luxe Pack in Green contest, that received the trophy from the hands of Prince Albert II of Monaco: “SULAPAC®Premium Eco-Packaging product” won in the packaging category; the Pochet Group, for its “objective 2023” in the Best Sustainable Approach category.


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