For Marchesini, hospitality has a transitive quality

The Marchesini team (over 300 managers and technicians) and the many guests of the Bolognese company experienced the fair days under an imposing red structure: A sort of “technological” portal, visible from all corners of the hall, capable of accommodating people, ideas and many machines.

At interpack, the Marchesini Group sought a space that was different from usual, inclusive and open, that expressed the values and nature of the company, its production and its association with its home territory.
Which is why it turned to a simple, transparent and refined design, where - incidentally, much like with their machines - the details, from the materials used to build the stand to the layout, made the difference.
Hence a presence at the fair under the sign of hospitality, part and parcel of the Italian manufacturer’s DNA, whose group is among the leaders in the supply of complete lines and machines for packaging pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Because for Marchesini, to receive guests for lunch, offering them the typical products of Emilia, does not just mean promoting the good name of the company. With this, they wish to convey an idea of Italianness, associated with the offer of their home territory, with which they operate in a systemic perspective, without any other interest than that of enhancing the shared values.
Of course, it is crucial to show the quality of technological development to an international audience, but to accommodate visitors into a beautiful and functional environment, where you can talk about work in a relaxed manner, is a way of stating that the Italians have the edge, and not just in making excellent machines.

Sounds and visions of efficiency
Today at fairs, virtual reality is all the thing. Marchesini though has followed a different path: though virtual reality may be spectacular, allowing people to hear the sound of the machines, to see the mechanisms running, is in fact irreplaceable.
Which is why an exhibition path was developed along the entire perimeter of the stand, which enabled the right emphasis to be given to the many systems on display, making them particularly accessible and easier to evaluate.
The most striking example of the developments of “made in Marchesini” was offered by the Integra 520 V robotic blister line, shown in an interpack preview.
Thanks to the innovative new pushers, a drum type carton opener to deal with high speeds and the new leaflet pick-and-place system, it is seen to be the ideal solution not only for the thermoforming phase but also for the subsequent packaging phase.

The Integra 520 V was in fact presented with an end-of-line formed by the new FA 04, fast, able to absorb a production flow of up to 500 cartons per minute, and by the MC 820 TT, a new Track&Trace casepacker, designed to have a complete set-up capable of meeting customer needs, but at the same offered as a “standard” all-in-one version.
From the Tonazzi-Vasquali Division, we cite the Valida counter (3,000 tablets per minute), using “Multivision”, the new system for counting and checking tablet integrity, that comprises cameras that check their shape, color and height by laser triangulation from above. The software, developed in-house by Marchesini Group, manages the machine synchronously to ensure counting, as well as tablet integrity  and the recognition of any intrusive items.
Of sure interest, lastly, the area dedicated to cosmetics where the solutions by Dumek were presented. The company designs and builds processing machines for the cosmetics sector and entered into Marchesini’s orbit at the beginning of the year: excellent systems that will help the group to consolidate its presence in the beauty and personal care segments.

MARCHESINI A INTERPACK. The 1,200 sqm modern and bright open space was visited by 5,000 operators from all over the world, with peaks from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, China and the UK. Many of them were welcomed into the meeting room on the first floor of the stand, from whence they enjoyed a panoramic view of the entire hall. As expected, the Marchesini Group restaurant was among the most crowded of the fair, thanks also to the “lure” of the tortellini, brought to Düsseldorf directly from Bologna, to the quality of the dishes served, the famous desserts of the Italian tradition, including the highly appreciated Tiramisu, and Filicori Zecchini coffee.                                        


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