Adhesive Tracking System

To optimize performance in glue application processes, Nordson proposes ATS System, that introduces adhesive tracking capabilities to the two flagship products, the ProBlue melter and ProBlue Liberty tankless instantaneous hotmelt fusion system, proposed by the US company.

The ATS (adhesive tracking system) give customers the ability to directly measure adhesive usage, monitor the system in real time and download historical usage data for analysis. Here a USB interface and an Ethernet connection or - optionally - a fieldbus connection for real time monitoring via PC or PLC are available. An integrated precision gear flow meter directly measures adhesive volume and alerts the system when the amount of adhesive is out of a pre-determined band set by the user. An output signal can also be customized to stop the line, eject product or signal a light tower when a product does not meet the predetermined standards.

By tracking the precise amount of adhesive dispensed onto a package, users can minimize ad-hesive waste, preventing pop-opens and saving money.Changes in adhesive volume can be related to clogged filters or nozzles, or failed solenoids or modules. Quick alerts to these issues can help maintenance make repairs before the situation gets worse.The adhesive tracking system gives users more control over the dispensing process, improving product quality and operating efficiency.  All these features are available in addition to the standard features of a ProBlue melter or a ProBlue Liberty tankless dispensing system.


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