Intelligent systems for glue application

Optimized material consumption and increasing energy efficiency: these the benefits offered by Nordson’s solutions for the packaging industry, ideal for both large and for medium-low production needs. Focus on ATS (Adhesive Tracking System) and on the Starter Kit.

After the  Freedom and ProBlue Liberty tankless instantaneous hotmelt fusion,     that have won market success, Nordson Corporation (the US company leader in the field of adhesive applicators) offers some smart solutions to improve performance in glue bonding processes.

Adhesive Tracking System
Presented in fall 2016 for the first time the ADS System introduces adhesive tracking capabilities to the two flagship products, the ProBlue melter and ProBlue Liberty tankless system. The ProBlue ATS and ProBlue Liberty ATS (adhesive tracking system) give customers the ability to directly measure per-product adhesive usage, monitor the system in real time and download historical usage data for analysis. Here a USB interface and an Ethernet connection or - optionally - a fieldbus connection for real time monitoring via PC or PLC are available.
An integrated precision gear flow meter directly measures adhesive volume and alerts the system when the amount of adhesive is out of a pre-determined band set by the user. An output signal can also be customized to stop the line, eject product or signal a light tower when a product does not meet the predetermined standards. By tracking the precise amount of adhesive dispensed onto a package, users can minimize adhesive waste, preventing pop-opens and saving money.
Changes in adhesive volume can be related to clogged filters or nozzles, or failed solenoids or modules. Quick alerts to these issues can help maintenance make repairs before the situation gets worse.
The adhesive tracking system gives users more control over the dispensing process, improving product quality and operating efficiency.  All these features are available in addition to the standard features of a ProBlue melter or a ProBlue Liberty tankless dispensing system.

Fast integration with the Starter kit
An additional noticeable new development for the above-mentioned hotmelt application systems are software starter kits that are available as a free download. They significantly simplify the integration of melters into parent machines so that the time for PLC programming is reduced to less than one day and, in some cases, less than an hour.
They open possibilities for the customer to create an individual and intuitive control panel for each device including melter on the HMI of the system. In addition, the control functions of the adhesion procedure are significantly extended as nearly all the data of the melter can be set and evaluated.

Nordson tankless systems

Freedom and ProBlue Liberty are now a benchmark in the glue applicator market. The most significant feature of the new technology is the absence of a conventional tank system. The core of the system is the melt section, which functions essentially like an instantaneous water heater. The reservoir has a reduced volume and only the amount of adhesive actually needed is kept at processing temperature. This makes it possible to reduce energy consumption significantly because melting only what is actually required results in significantly shorter heating up and flow-through times. The devices also realize a minimized adhesive consumption.

An additional advantage of the system is its enclosed nature that prevents contamination of the hotmelt as it is automatically supplied from a 120 or 240 litre adhesive storage container. The larger version even allows for a multi-feed function to supply up to four melters. An additional benefit is that the low temperature stress on the adhesive prevents cracking. Clogging of the filter, hoses and applicators are prevented. In addition, overfilling of the tank or spilling of the hotmelt is excluded as well as a risk of burning for the operating personnel.


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