Lobe pumps for chocolate

OMAC, with the invaluable collaboration of its Indian distributor, has secured itself an important job, supplying AMUL with 28 lobe pumps for the expansion of its chocolate production facility in Mogar.
AMUL is a leading Indian milk & dairy producer and, after Cadbury, Ferrero and Nestlè, the fourth largest chocolate producer.

The firm’s annual production will go up from 3,000 t to 12,000 t. This investment, responding to increased demand, will enable the company to triple its production. The management plans to increase monthly chocolate consumption during the coming years from 250 t to 1,000 t.
AMUL, which was already familiar with OMAC pumps thanks to installations supplied from Italy, preferred the flexibility and specialization of OMAC pumps for this market.
The heat exchange efficiency made possible by the heated body of B/BB/BA/BE series pumps is unparalleled on the market. OMAC has also developed seals specifically for chocolate: flush cut seals for chocolate with high sugar content; S1 single cartridge seals for the B series, S16 for the BB series, for chocolate with <50% sugar.

AMUL makes its chocolate starting with the cocoa beans. The pumps it has ordered were chosen for cocoa butter, cocoa liqueur, chocolate and soy lecithin.
At the end of the production cycle, the chocolate is used for a variety of chocolate-based products, including ice cream, milk chocolate, syrups and so on.


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