Peristaltic technology for volumetric pumps

Already an outstanding producer of lobe pumps, OMAC of Rubiera (RE) is now also offering a line of volumetric pumps based on peristaltic technology that, with the utmost respect for the hygienic and physical/chemical characteristics of the product being processed, meet various dosage and process requirements.

The 16 models that make up this line, with ranges varying between 80 ml/h and 23 m3/hr and operational pressure up to 15 bars, have much in common: contamination-free transfer, easy cleaning, the ability to carefully move heterogeneous, fragile or abrasive products, high suction capacity at depth (up to 8 m), the possibility of functioning without water, perfect dosing.
Compact and easy to use, these volumetric pumps require only simple and economical maintenance: even replacing the tube, the most essential part of a peristaltic pump and its only component subject to wear, takes just minutes.

Depending on application requirements, available tubes can be made from various elastomers: NR, NR-A (with FDA approved mixture for the internal layer), NBR, NBR-A, EPDM and thermoplastic materials (Pharmed, Norprene, Santoprene, Tygon).
All OMAC pumps can be equipped with various attachments and accessories like lungs to soften the contractions, tube leakage sensors and a hopper. Mounted on a stationary or trolley base, they can be supplied with a fixed speed gear motor, with integrated inverter or mechanical variable speed motor.
Ricordiamo che, a seconda delle esigenze d’impiego, sono disponibili tubi realizzati con diversi elastomeri: NR, NR-A (con mescola dello strato interno certificata FDA), NBR, NBR-A, EPDM, materiali termoplastici (Pharmed, Norprene, Santoprene, Tygon).
Tutte le pompe proposte da OMAC possono essere dotate di diversi attacchi e corredate da polmoni che smorzano le pulsazioni, segnalatori della rottura del tubo e tramoggia di alimentazione. Montate su base fissa o carrellata, possono essere fornite con motoriduttore a velocità fissa, con inverter integrato o con motovariatore meccanico.


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