PNOZ s30 speed monitor

Working safely with open repair, reduced setup times and quicker access to the machine after stopping are the valuable advantages
for the user of the PNOZ s30 by Pilz.

PNOZ s30 is a speed control device (in the family of PNOZsigma safety modules) which, since the version 3.0, has featured a configurable analog output that facilitates diagnostics. It enables safe monitoring regarding standstill, speed, speed range, rotational direction and shear pin breakage in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 up to PL e and EN IEC 62061 up to SIL CL 3, making it suitable for all major drive and motor feedback systems, as well as proximity switches.

Enhanced startup safety for enhanced productivity. The new analog output supplies speed measured as a proportional 0/20 or 0/40 signal to the PLC’s command system, enabling the direct use of speed control to control the entire process. Safely controlled speed can be displayed and tracked on controllers and monitoring devices, for example Pilz Machine Interface (PMI) operator terminals. Using a secure output signal, PNOZ s30 also indicates when preset alarm threshold values have been exceeded or not reached, preventing unnecessary shutdowns and enhancing productivity.

Startup: logically faster. It is possible to connect up to three safety functions (for example “safe operational shutdown” or “safe speed control”) using AND/OR logic connections, including in combination. This enables reducing instances of faulty wiring as well as startup times.

Safe control also at low speeds. The shear pin breakage function of PNOZ s30 is already activated at a frequency of 10 mHz (rather than the 70 mHz of previous versions). In addition to normal speeds, it can thus also control applications employing very low speeds.

Easy setup. PNOZ s30 is operated using a simple push and turn rotary knob. In combination with a display monitor, this reduces significantly the time needed for startup and replacing the device. The integrated display shows limit values and parameters as well as current speed. PNOZ s30 signals when a preset alarm threshold has been reached.                       

Complete motion control
Pilz offers a wide range of products for speed control, in which PNOZ s30 represents an excellent stand-alone solution. In order to control other safety functions in the application, motion monitoring modules are available for compact configurable PNOZmulti systems. In order to guarantee quick maintenance intervention and extensive safety functions (for example safe stopping of vertical axes), Pilz offers the solution of integrated safety in the PMC motor. This automation system for safety and automation functions manages the speed control of machines hooked up to one another.

SPS IPC Drives Italia 2017
Pad. 3, Stand G020



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