Inveo, inverted roll-ons

Promens (Italian branch in Lainate, MI) launches Inveo, the new “Inverted Roll-on”, added to the concern’s range of standard roll-ons, which comprises five flacons with different designs.


Made in three parts, Inveo proves competitive in terms of costs and environmental impact and is capable of overcoming the common seal-related problems of conventional three-piece inverted roll-ons. In fact, the ball’s housing and flacon are made from one piece, designed in such a way as to block any leakage. The container, moreover, is designed in such a way that when one closes the cap, it clicks: in this way, the consumer can be sure that the deodorant has been properly closed.
The closure method is very quick: all it takes is less than a turn and a half, guiding the motion with one’s hand, in order to perfectly close the container and hear the safety click. It can thus be carried around worry-free for on the go use, with no risk of the product leaking. The upside-down position of the roll-on, moreover, offers advantages. Since the cosmetic product remains constantly in contact with the ball, the formula never dries and is thus ready for application at all times.

Available in a standard 50 ml format, Inveo stands out for its conical shape (unisex design) and the possibility of being labeled and customized with various colors. Resulting from Promens’ more than thirty years’ experience in the production of standard and custom roll-ons and all-inclusive solutions, Inveo will be previewed at Easyfairs Packaging Innovation (Birmingham, UK, February 29th – March 1st 2012), and subsequently in Italy, at Cosmoprof in Bologna (March 9th-12th 2012).




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