Industrial, logistics and process automation

The modular platform for the automation of MOVI-C® machine; Cyber Physical Systems for intralogistics; MOVISUITE® for real and virtual engineering systems: These the proposals of SEW-EURODRIVE in view of Industry 4.0. Products and expertise on show at SPS IPC Drives Italy.

MOVI-C®: all-in-one solution for automation.

A few months after the presentation by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development of its  National Plan, it is not difficult to predict that Industry 4.0 will be the main topic of 2017 edition of SPS IPC Drives Italy.
In this context, SEW-EURODRIVE, a leader in integrated solutions for factory automation, will be declining its offer in three main directions: The new modular platform for machine automation MOVI-C®; its Cyber Physical System proposal for intralogistics; and its MOVISUITE® software environment for real and virtual engineering systems.

Simple and efficient all-in-one platform
With the all-in-one automation solution MOVI-C® released in March 2017, SEW-EURODRIVE is able to offer a complete platform, divided into four modules: engineering software, control technology, inverter technology and drive technology.
At the base of the development of MOVI-C®, lies the goal of creating a consistent automation solution (from motion control to drives managed within a single platform using a single software), that is simple to use (machine application packages predefined for maximum speed of development), safe (STO present on all drives and more scalable safety features) and efficient (energy recovery via the DC bus, regenerative and stand-by mode).
MOVI-C® will be showing a fully equipped packaging machine at the SEW-EURODRIVE stand which will be on show in 7 theme islands, allowing all its features and benefits to be grasped. One of these will be dedicated to the new MOVISUITE® engineering software: design, commissioning, operation and diagnostics, faster and easier than ever.
For a mobile, intelligent transport in real time
Protagonists of the SEW-EURDRIVE “Know-how 4.0” area will be the CPS (Cyber Physical Systems) for factory intralogistics. By virtue of the great changes that manufacturing plants are undergoing, dictated by increasing demands for flexibility and efficiency, mobile conveying is gradually integrating with stationary conveying, using smart systems capable of to communicating with each other and with the various factory levels in real time.
Here the  SEW-EURODRIVE proposal is very broad: AGV and transfer pallets for the transport of materials between production and logistics; ASRS for managing products in automated warehouses; Skillet and EMS solutions for the transport and assembly in the automotive industry.
The factory of the future? Modular and connected
The change is also affecting things at management level, going from a centralized and hierarchical to a decentralized and reticular control of production, in which the various elements are able to manage themselves independently, thanks to networking. innovative logistics systems require dedicated software tools for the design, simulation and virtual commissioning of the plants, with the aim of maximizing the degree of flexibility up to speedily re-adapting the factory layout according to changing production requirements.

For SEW-EURODRIVE this is not just theory: in its Graben-Neudorf works, the company tests new solutions in real operating conditions, managing customer orders all along the process.
The SEW-EURODRIVE factory of the future has a modular design and is formed by small production units connected to each other (factories within the factory) and organized according to lean principles.
The individual workstations are modules of the process, smartly connected up by mobile assistants (CPS). People, things, processes, and data services ... everything is connected. The goal is to increase productivity and flexibility thanks to the collaboration between people and technology. Intelligent products and objects equipped with embedded systems, QR codes and RFID chips act autonomously within the smart factory.                                                                 

AGV SEW-EURODRIVE,  for the independent transport of materials between production and logistics.

The German multinational SEW-EURODRIVE is among the major global players in the production and marketing of products and systems for industrial-, logistics and process automation. For over 85 years the concern’s innovative technologies and people have been serving the market, committed to supporting growth and their customers’ success. SEW-EURODRIVE stands out for quality, practicality, expertise and passion. Every day, 17,000 people in 48 countries around the world contribute towards creating a turnover of approximately 2.7 billion euros. In Italy SEW-EURODRIVE has been active since 1969 with its Drive Technology Center based at Solaro (MI), where its executive offices, storage facilities and assembly center are located. The Drive Centers in Turin, Bologna, Verona, Caserta and the sales office at Pescara ensure a presence throughout Italy, as stated in the slogan “Think global, act local”.


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