GM.Patented device, designed to protect the home from any water or waterbased liquid leaks, as well as solving problems of infiltration and damp.
The standard version comprises a 10 g single dose of jellified granules, hermetically packed in permeable material and heatsealed on four sides.
In actual fact, when the pouch absorbs the water the jellification process starts up. The size of the pouch has been designed considering the considerable increase in volume due to the process of absorption and jellification: each standard monodose in fact, is capable of absorbing and jellifying up to a litre of water. Once this process has terminated, the pouch can be disposed of in the segregated waste.
SORBY© is a valid aid in the event of emergencies: in fact you only need to place the pouch in contact with the leak or insert it where the water has filtered through to eliminate the same. Absorption is extremely rapid.
It is also an effective means of prevention. For example placed under a syphon or any water carrying artefact prone to malfunction, in the event of leaks it acts immediately thanks to its high absorption capacity, preventing spillage.

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