TC series wrap-around machines/shrink wrapping machines

Prasmatic. The new range of the TC series represents Prasmatic’s comprehensive solution for medium-and high-speed productions, in line end packaging. Depending on machine model, type of packaging and product characteristics, the packaging speed of the TC series ranges from 30 to 80 packages per minute.

The main features of this series are ergonomics, modularity, flexibility and extremely compact dimensions, which allow it to easily adapt to a wide range of layout requirements. Depending on set-up, this machine series can implement all the classic types of line end packaging.
The TC series has been fully redesigned to include a new stand-alone tubular frame and ample sliding doors: characteristics that facilitate access and maintenance, besides granting a full view of the moving parts and work cycle.
The automatic size change, managed by electronic drives, is carried out quickly.

Edited by Editorial Staff for Prasmatic