Many the called upon, few the elect

Editorial by Stefano Lavorini.

Perhaps packaging is the means
to impose on the mass of consumers
a rigorous program of consumption,
epiphany of nature built by reality...

In the play The Infernal Machine by Jean Cocteau, the god Anubis reminds the Sphinx that “logic compels us to reveal ourselves to mankind in the shape which they imagine us; otherwise they would see only void”.

lattina_web.jpgAnd lo and behold, as if in a mirage, Venice appears before my eyes and the mind loses all sense of travel, in mending the strands of memory that speak of vileness and heroism, of wrong-doing and splendour.

The crowd of tourists at the station brings me back to reality, reminding me I am on my way to the Economic Pacakging Conference, organized by the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio in cooperation with Conai.

10579_flacone-grande_web.jpgCurious, I turn my attention to the meeting, resolving to attempting to understand the motivations underlying the time to come, for packaging producers and users; hence again I find myself dealing with new impressions, evident signs of vitality, that continuously drive you to make new attempts.

As is known, attempting to surmise the outcome of events is an art that is ancient as it is uncertain, reason for which, with the end of contributing to that challenge, during the proceedings various scenarios will be contemplated, numerous variables will be considered, with indications that are encouraging overall, that lead one to be basically optimistic and allow one to be able hope. As fortune might have it.I have not encountered mysterious sibyls that blatheringly prophesize abrupt market downswings, rather I listened to opinions, scenarios and conjectures expressed by knowledgeable people, who seem to love the whys and wherefores of things.

In the coming years the world economy will continue to grow, despite the uncertainties, along with the use of packaging, and we will also continue to improve in terms of the retion of the environmental impact of packaging, as well as the fight against wastage. This the good news dispensed among an attentive and participative public, even though low in numbers.
That is to say, it’s nice to meet up once again, “satisfied and happily grateful despite our toils and pains”

An overview of the contents of the reports presented at the Economic Packaging Conference 2017, Venice, 7-8 June 2017.




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