Pulsed light technology for RTU nest sterilization

Along with steriline’s distinct robotic solutions for the aseptic processing of injectable drugs, visitors at the trade interpack  will have a preview of Steriline new robotic application for Ready-To-Use (RTU) nest sterilization, bringing the benefits of pulsed light technology to the pharmaceutical sector.

Robotic-Pulsed-Light-Sterilizer_web.jpgSteriline, a highly specialized manufacturer of complete lines for the aseptic processing of injectable products, will attend the upcoming edition of Interpack.
The trade fair will be the occasion for Steriline to provide local and international guests with an overview of its advanced robotic solutions for the primary packaging of injectable drugs. More specifically (Hall 16, Booth B10), visitors will be offered the unique chance to have a preview of Steriline’s new Robotic Pulsed Light Sterilizer as the first machine to adopt the pulsed light technology for RTU nest sterilization.

Currently under finalization before its official launch on the market, this new robotic application from Steriline will ensure multiple advantages to companies operating in this field. The new Robotic Pulsed Light Sterilizer (RPLS1) can sterilize tubs of syringes, vials and cartridges by means of pulsed light, with a processing capacity up to 120 tubs/h.

Compact and lightweight, the machine is automatically sterilized by vapour of hydrogen peroxide (VHP) before starting the production. Furthermore, if compared with standard electron beam processing solutions, this Pulsed Light Sterilizer is more cost effective and easier to install.

«The introduction of this new robotic application is a testament to our commitment to always provide customers in the pharma industry with innovative and highly performing solutions, to achieve improved efficiency, consistent quality and enhanced safety», commented Federico Fumagalli, Chief Commercial Officer at Steriline.

«Designed to work at its best in association with Steriline’s Robotic Nest Filling Machine, our Pulsed Light Sterilizer can also be connected to any RTU filling machine of other manufacturers. Ideal for the connection of a machine enclosed in Isolators, it represents as well a perfect stand-alone solution for glass manufacturers producing RTU containers for injectable drugs».

At Interpack 2017, Steriline will also showcase a selection of key robotic equipment solutions from its comprehensive portfolio for the aseptic processing market. This will include:

- Steriline Robotic Filling and Capping Machine for vials under Isolator (RVFCM50), with a capacity of up to 2800 vials/h, which requires no format parts and is designed according to a “zero loss” philosophy;
- Steriline Robotic Nest Filling Line for syringes (RNFM5), processing up to 10.000 syringes/h, which is also suitable for cartridges and vials and is equipped with vacuum stoppering;
- Sterilne new Robotic External Decontaminating Machine (REDM HP), which exploits high pressure to wash and dry the external surface of vials (up to 600 vials/h) and includes an inactivation agent station.


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