Environment and Legislation

Innovating for prevention

Valorizing the environmental sustainability of packaging. This is the ultimate meaning of the Conai Prevention Call*, aimed exclusively at Conai members - be they producers or users - that plan to innovate a packaging solution or its life cycle by altering its environmental impact, saving energy, facilitating recycling, optimizing production and logistics, reducing waste and so on.  L.G.

Waste recycling: Italy beats European average

In December, the eighth edition of a report on waste recycling in Italy was presented, authored by the Sustainable Development Foundation and FISE UNIRE, with support of the Ministry for the Environment and ISPRA. Below is a summary of the main findings on packaging collection and recycling.

Novamont doubles biopolyester production

Having completed its acquisition of 100% of Mater-Biopolymer from the Mossi & Ghisolfi Group 2016, Novamont has activated the second phase in a project to convert the Mater-Biopolymer plant in Patrica (FR) in order to double its output of ORIGO-BI® biopolyesters, which are used to enhance the technical, economic and environmental performance of MATER-Bi® biodegradable and compostable bioplastics.

Risk assessment of printed articles marketed worldwide

A brief overview of regulations currently in force in different regions of the world reveals a highly heterogeneous and troublesome situation with which producer companies must contend.
by Marinella Vitulli

Food contact: regulatory trends

A look at regulatory compliance in light of new requirements introduced at the “glocal” level, on the possibility of marketing these materials in certain regions. Focus on the controversial relationship between legislation and industry. Sidebar: reflections on the International Conference on Food Contact Compliance (Baveno, Italy, September 2017)
by Marinella Vitulli

CONAI rewards eco-design

The winners of the 2017 edition of the CONAI Prevention Tender. With a jackpot of 400,000 euros, variously split between 86 virtuous projects presented by over 60 packaging manufacturer and user companies, the focus being on eco-friendly packaging.

Super ecological pallets

The Ferrara based cooperative CPR System (a major Italian operator in the field of collapsible plastic packaging) also offers the Italian market an increasingly popular pallet system, in addition to crates and mini bins.Its wooden pallets, in addition to being Pefc forestry certified, are made with recycled wood blocks from CPR pallets that are no longer suitable for use in the circuit, thanks to the collaboration with Ecobloks®: the Italian company specializing in the production of pallet block does not use virgin wood, but wood packaging or wood deriving from agricultural pruning, forest-, parks and gardens maintenance and lastly, from segregated collection in the various waste collection centres.

Biolaminil: biodegradable and at zero energy consumption

The Laminil range - benchmark for a wide range of applications in converting, cold chain packaging, fine arts, hobby and thermal insulation - has gained a new material. Its name is BioLaminil, a result of Isonova’s commitment to technological development that can reduce the impact of plastic waste, both in production and from an environmental point of view.

Steel: strong and kind

Considering the rates of steel packaging withheld from landfills, the RICREA consortium has achieved excellent results, thanks to an efficient management that wagers a lot on a “noble” material. The words of president Domenico Rinaldini.
Stefano Lavorini

Toward a more ethical Italy…

Efficient management of separate collection and recycling of packaging is a challenge, material and cultural, which our country has managed to respond to with success. How much has been accomplished in Italy to date? What are the prospects, the criticalities, and the tools that should be adopted to overcome them? We asked Giorgio Quagliuolo, president of CONAI.  Stefano Lavorini


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