Labeling and Coding

ICON 2 microcharacter laser marker

Icon doubles. To the next Ipack Ima Tradex (Gallarate, VA) will be bringing  the new iCON2, a very reliable and extremely robust laser marker, which ensures high performance at competitive prices.

A tablet designed for business

An elegant and business-grade rugged design for ScanPalTM EDA70, the tablet by Honeywell (7’’ display, real-time connectivity, rapid data acquisition capability, high-level reliability and protection), marketed by Eurocoding (Gallarate, VA).

It’s easy to say ink

In addition to printing products... The future today seems to lie in the innovative solutions developed by Sun Chemical to give value to packaging. But you can bet on it, this is just the beginning of a change that is not only technological but cultural, that will affect converters and brand owners. Stefano Lavorini

Navigating… between interactive packaging and brand protection

There are people «That go from one reception to another, where one’s trouser pleat counts for a lot more than one’s brains and where one usually doesn’t say what one thinks and doesn’t think what one says. Of those two people who are so cordial and who are smiling so profusely to each other, one sells false goods and the other pays with dud cheques». Stefano Lavorini

And they call them “macchinette”...

They are ubiquitous, in tandem with or in alternative to coding systems, on packaging lines, large and small; their cost is relative compared to other machines, but if they don’t function it spells trouble.
This issue focuses on the state of the art in labeling systems, as well as serialization and traceability in pharmaceuticals with Etipack, a concern that has built nearly 40 years of experience on reliable products and quality service.  Stefano Lavorini

Heat transfer desktop printers Modern interfaces, more memory and longer prints: the advantages of the new TSC models.

Labeling tubs for food products

On the strength of consolidated experience in the labeling and coding sector, Altech offers industrial labelers for every sector that guarantee fast and efficient application at very competitive cost.

Versatile labels with just a few gestures

Imballaggi P.K. proposes a vast range of labeling solutions for small series, suited for applications in a host of sectors, from preserves to converting, from wine to chemicals. Among the key solutions in the company’s portfolio we cite the APN applicators and the EME series of gluers for paper labels.

Printing of variable data on stick packs

In response to requests by manufacturers of filling machines for stick packs and pouches, Automation Address offers ISP by Inc.Jet, for in-line printing of variable data.

Made in Italy labeling

Responding to evolving labeling needs with cutting-edge technological solutions and impeccable customer care: this is Labelpack. L.G.


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