Single-dose with built-in applicator

The Lameplast single-dose becomes even smarter: not only does it  combine practicality, security and the right amount of product, but it also acquires an especially designed applicator and comes in different variants (simple and smooth, with brush, sponge or with irregular and massaging surface...) to thus to favour the correct application of a liquid, gel or cream.

A spiral bottle for orange soda

In the Fanta brand update process, Sidel actively participated in the development and industrialization of the new bottle for the Coca-Cola Company (TCCC).

2018: goodbye fear!

In an end of year 2017 survey, COOP asked Italians which words best represent their expectations for the coming year, and the results were very positive. Words like “crisis” dropped to the bottom of the ranking, replaced by optimistic expressions like hope, recovery and change. And with rising spirits comes rising consumption: +15.6% at Christmas.

Feet on the ground, aiming high

Since 1991, Altech has been building labeling machines and automatic identification systems for all consumer goods sectors. A very Italian firm, but one with a global outlook, it has always been known for its vocation for export, which over the years has led it to establish a presence on every continent.

Industry 4.0: what industrial software?

Some of the world’s most important ICT and industrial automation suppliers - gathered by Messe Frankfurt Italia Srl to support the next edition of SPS Italia - took part in the round table discussion “Industrial software in the age of 4.0” in Milan last December.  The event proved a valuable opportunity for exploring fields of application and the benefits of using advanced software solutions.  Maurizio Cacciamani

“Keep moving”: technology, materials, colours, people and ideas on the move

Which are the components that contribute to an Italian company’s growing and becoming an international group in a very short time, present in several countries, accounting for more than 2,500 customers in 86 countries, 400 employees and a production capability exceeding 3 billion units a year? The correct forumula, according to Enoplastic.

Secondary packaging: innovation becomes a standard

Visitors to the Cama stand at Anuga Foodtech 2018 in Cologne (D) (March 21-23, Hall 7.1, Stand B011 – A010) will be able to experience in person the very last technological innovations made as standard on the full range of Break-Through Generation (BTG) systems, which mark a milestone in R&D: higher hygiene standard; open profile; safe “Easy entry” and ergonomics; flexible frame and reduced footprint; energy saving engineering; fool-proof sizeparts recognition.

Cuki: committed to the environment

A truly circular economy depends on an industrial system that is able to develop products and services designed to encourage consumption habits oriented toward reuse and recycling

An ad hoc e-commerce service for coffee

As an alternative to nondescript bags with an added label, now even small coffee sellers can dress their product with a quality personalized flexible packaging, in the form of reels and bags, thanks to the Goglio ESPRESS online sales service.

Probiotics: more protection and extended shelf life

Clariant, with The Healthcare Packaging business unit, announces a combination of “active” and “passive” packaging solutions that protect the potency and extend the shelf life of probiotics in nutraceutical products by inhibiting their exposure to damaging oxygen, moisture and light.