Into the Matter

A bit of good healthy strategy

Very fashionable until the early '90s, the question of corporate strategy have fallen into disuse. At the beginning of 2000 imaginative and bold strategic theories glittering with joy and optimism flourished.

Small sales

Despite the diminuitive, “small sales” are in fact a strategic field of enormous importance.

Up with sales

Whether companies, large corporations or SMEs, enterprises are always highly focused on the problems of business strategy in the broad sense of the term ...

Markets to be explored - Middle East

The country offers good prospects for Italian companies supplying wrapping, bottling and packaging machines for food products (in particular olive oil) and pharmaceuticals and cosmetics (in particular products from the Dead Sea).

Commentary of events

Practically speaking it has only just ended, but is already looking at 2015 with pondered optimism. We obviously speak of the 22nd edition of IPACK-IMA that - it seems to us - was able to combine the solidity of the technological proposals with the farsightedness of an extended view of things.


Markets to be explored The organisation ICE - Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies (under interim management) - has established a close collaboration with the magazine ItaliaImballaggio.

Prices, products and customers: elasticity of the price

In our last issue we noted that few companies, and very few among SMEs, consciously and rationally deal with the problem of "pricing policy".

Value according to the customer-consumer and the customer-distributor

Understanding the differences is critical to business success. In issue 11-12/2011 of ItaliaImballaggio we introduced the concept of  “value for the customer" and we stressed the importance of the same as a strategic element to be considered when developing a company's business policy.

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