It’s easy to say ink

In addition to printing products... The future today seems to lie in the innovative solutions developed by Sun Chemical to give value to packaging. But you can bet on it, this is just the beginning of a change that is not only technological but cultural, that will affect converters and brand owners. Stefano Lavorini

Navigating… between interactive packaging and brand protection

There are people «That go from one reception to another, where one’s trouser pleat counts for a lot more than one’s brains and where one usually doesn’t say what one thinks and doesn’t think what one says. Of those two people who are so cordial and who are smiling so profusely to each other, one sells false goods and the other pays with dud cheques». Stefano Lavorini

In - formation

Are the small-to-medium sized concerns mainly to blame for the growth deficit in the Italian economic system? Is the particularly fragmented structure of our manufacturing tissue an element of backwardness or, on the contrary, one of modernity? And yet again…is the delay in efficiency that we suffer compared to other nations to be put down to low levels of work productivity attributed to the numerous small and very small companies?

Editorial by Stefano Lavorini

From earthquake to “Earth on the move”

Packaging and company ethics. Editorial by Stefano Lavorini.

Connect, interact, construct

A virtuous network for the future… of Pieve Torina - Stefano Lavorini.

I do what I am

Editorial by Stefano Lavorini. Take an afternoon of the penultimate day of interpack: sitting in the company of Simona Michelotti at the fine stand of “her” SIT, devised and put together with uncommon enthusiasm and participation for the Duesseldorf fair, I take advantage of a rare moment of calm to sum up the situation together.
As often occurs, inevitably, we end up by speaking of the paths of rationality and emotivity that snake between the need for equilibrium, the capacity to surprise oneself, openness to others and dialogue with the world.

From the general to the specific

An overview of the contents of the reports presented at the Economic Packaging Conference 2017, Venice, 7-8 June 2017

Many the called upon, few the elect

Editorial by Stefano Lavorini.

When I come home… I’ll tell the children (Chapter two)

Editorial by Stefano Lavorini.  

WATCH OUT: that’s the way the world is going!

Editorial by Stefano Lavorini. Interview with Bernd Jablonowski… Freely expressed considerations on the role, on the strategies in the international field and on the future of specialised fairs.


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