Navigating… between interactive packaging and brand protection

There are people «That go from one reception to another, where one’s trouser pleat counts for a lot more than one’s brains and where one usually doesn’t say what one thinks and doesn’t think what one says. Of those two people who are so cordial and who are smiling so profusely to each other, one sells false goods and the other pays with dud cheques». Stefano Lavorini

This blunt phrase by Anacleto Verrecchia, that can be read in the preface to Arthur Schopenhauer’s “Aforismi per una vita saggia”, not without the taste for paradox, marks the watershed between experiences of no importance, for the most extremely boring, and events successful in a certain construct in terms of contents and/or for the quality of those convened.
The yearly engagement with the Sun Chemical Group can certainly be considered among the latter, that is once again back on the scene with courageous impudence, in its quest to continue professional but also personal exchange with flexible packaging converters, label producers and converters.
Here the desire to affirm the well-pondered objective of one’s own uniqueness is evident, something though that should never be to the detriment of ones awareness of ones own limitations.

Rather, by not attributing too many qualities too oneself, and underlining the areas of improvement, one manages to intelligently forestall other people’s prejudices, that might otherwise fatally flaw your relations.
To stay on course, appealing to the competitive spirit of its guests, the innovative formula of the sailing regatta was resorted to, where everyone joined in enthusiastically. At the end of the day, both winners and losers appeared joyously satisfied, as can be seen from the picture log book of the sea challenge.(
Summing up, an event that was thrilling as well as providing much food for thought on a professional level. Hence, credit where credit is due…first and foremost to Fabio Deflorian, CEO of the Italian branch of the DIC multinational, to the staff in its entirety and to the enthusiastic Fiorenza Raggi: together they managed to give continuity to an engagement that “one cannot afford to miss”, a phrase that was oft repeated to me.


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